Importance of Sleep for Weight Loss

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Can Better sleep help us lose weight?

Sleep has an explicit relation to weight loss. Medical world now repeatedly warns us about problems related to insomnia. Sleep deprivation can cause tons of problems including obesity. It’s because the restless brain can’t get rid of the stress that we get exposed to throughout the day. And when it happens, the exhausted brain can’t perform its usual functions appropriately.

To lose weight, you’ve to sleep better. Because without a sufficient amount of sleep, the tired brain will release a higher level of stress hormone called cortisol. At the presence of a very high level of that stress hormone, the mind will prompt you to eat more food that you actually need.

Yes, eating disorder and depression are the end result of insomnia. If you don’t treat this condition early, you won’t be able to lose weight so easily. Sleep well to keep your hormones steady and manage your weight easily.